Eastern Herbal Therapy


A Chinese herbal formula may also be prescribed to support your healing process.  Like acupuncture treatment, your herbal formula will be based on your individual diagnosis, and will be adjusted regularly as your situation changes.

Each formula is a mixture of about 5-15 different herbs, balanced to provide quick relief of symptoms and also correct the “roots” or causes of your condition.  Formulas are also designed to predict and minimize the side effects that are common with Western medications.

Herbs are available in pill, powder, or tea form, and are usually taken twice a day.

Are the herbs safe to take?

Chinese herbs are wonderfully safe and effective when taken as prescribed. Prescriptions are tailored to your individual situation, and designed to minimize side effects and risks. The most common side effect is a little trouble digesting the herbs. This can usually be avoided by including herbs that protect the stomach and support digestion.

What about quality control?

Our herbs are from companies that adhere to strict international standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This means that herbal products are compiled in regularly-inspected facilities and are tested rigorously for content, label accuracy, and impurities.

Will herbs interact with my medications?

A complete list of your medications will be taken into account for any potential interactions when writing your herbal prescription. In most cases, it is safe to take herbs and medications together.