Dragon’s Way® 6-Week Stress & Weight Management Program

The Dragon’s Way

“TCM understands that excess weight is a sign that the body is out of balance. 

“The Dragon’s Way program is a unique six-week stress management and weight loss and program based on the ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These principles state that when a body’s energy flows and its organ systems are in balance then health issues such as excess weight can be resolved. Losing weight is not about food deprivation or pushing the body through strenuous exercise. It’s about bringing the body back into balance so issues of excess weight can be resolved naturally and forever.

The cornerstones of this stress management and weight loss program, which has supported thousands of participants for more than fifteen years, are:

  • Ten simple yet powerful Wu Ming Qigong energy movements
  • An intelligent eating-for-healing plan
  • Framework for healthy lifestyle changes

Above all, The Dragon’s Way is based on rebuilding your energy foundation, or Qi, to enjoy better health. If you experience physical discomforts such as excess weight, stress, back pain, fatigue, fogginess, mood swings, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic bladder infections, constipation, lack of sexual desire, stiff joints, to name a few, then your body is sending you a message that your energy foundation is weak or shaky. The good news is The Dragon’s Way can help you heal these conditions and regain your health!

Because this unique program is based on a time-tested energy system, its many benefits may surprise you. While weight loss occurs, other health issues often resolve themselves spontaneously.

Dragon’s Way Difference

“Virtually all Western weight loss programs focus on losing weight to gain energy. The Dragon’s Way is different. We say gain energy, lose weight. It’s that simple!” —Nan Lu, OMD

The Dragon’s Way program is a powerful healing program developed by two extraordinary Qigong masters, Nan Lu, OMD, and his master, Grand Master Xihua Xu of Yunnan, China.

After studying the challenges of American lifestyles, especially the toll stress takes in our culture, they determined the true cause of excess weight and a host of other contemporary health issues. Together, these two masters developed a comprehensive system to rebalance the body and allow excess weight loss to occur naturally.

The Dragon’s Way Program:

  • Wu Ming Qigong Movements. Our Wu Ming Qigong, or energy practice, can do what no other system can: connect your body, mind and spirit and thereby support vibrant health.
  • Eating for Healing. All natural foods in The Dragon’s Way program carry a unique healing essence to help build energy and support the healthy function of your organs.
  • Framework for Healthful Lifestyle Changes. The Dragon’s Way includes guidance on how to change current habits that impact the body’s ability to function optimally.
  • Dragon’s Way Herbal Plan. The Dragon’s Way also includes an optional herbal healing plan. Like foods, herbs also contain a unique blueprint or essence to support your body. Taking herbs helps accelerate the healing process and takes the body to a higher level of balance.

For more information visit http://www.tcmworld.org/dragonsway/instructors-in-your-area/

The Dragon’s Way Program is only offered three times each year, so don’t miss your chance to attend the popular, life-changing workshop.