In Order to Heal

In Order To Heal, And Then Stay Healthy, You Need To Do Four Things:


1. Understand What The Problem Is At Its Root.

It’s relatively easy to medicate symptoms, but the problem will just keep coming back unless you also address the underlying cause.  Successful treatment requires an accurate understanding of where the problem is coming from, so that efforts to heal are on target.

2. Stimulate The Body’s Natural Healing Abilities.

Our own bodies have an incredible ability to heal that is with us as long as we are alive — if they didn’t, we would never even survive the small insults our bodies sustain every day. Many medications work by interrupting a natural process to relieve a symptom, or by replacing a substance in the body.  Neither of these allows the body to take care of itself.  Treatment needs to work with our innate healing capacities, not against them, to create real change.

3. Retrain The Body Back To Health.

If a problem has been going on for a long time, the body may recognize the unhealthy state as the “new normal”, and keep returning to that state even if you remove the cause of the problem and develop very healthy habits.  The body needs to be brought back into balance over and over so that it re-learns how to restore itself to a healthy equilibrium.

4. Learn How To Maintain Your Own Health Over The Long Term.

Our modern lives have about a million ways of throwing us off balance.  Even after we get better, problems can come back just due to the stresses of our everyday lives.  It’s important to understand how your particular body tends to go out of balance, and learn how to adjust your eating, daily schedule, relaxation habits, and support system to keep yourself balanced and healthy over the long haul.